Luxury accommodation in Dubai. Redefined.

About us

Elite Royal Apartments (ERA) was designed and built to add value in every step on its mission to provide a luxury accommodation in Dubai.


  • Hosts >20,000 guests per year.
  • Outperforms on average competing holiday homes and hotels in Downtown Dubai in customer reviews on
  • Employs internally its housekeeping and maintenance teams in order to preserve daily its premium operating standards and to be able to react 24/7 in case of emergencies.
  • Is area-centric in its approach, focusing on properties located in Downtown Dubai to leverage economies of scale and to be able provide top-tier customer support quickly on demand.
  • Controls portfolio of assets worth >150m AED.
  • Deploys large scale data-analytics and robust financial modeling to identify the right assets to operate.
  • Uses heavily digitization and automation, allowing to keep a light back-end cost structure.
  • Deploys controlling measures to minimize negative externalities which may be caused by its guests (e.g.: employs own night security patrolling its properties, installs noise alarms sending notifications to night security in case of excessive noise is detected).
  • Works closely with building’s managements and owners associations to understand their challenges and subsequently adjusts its operating model, where appropriate to minimize any operating drawbacks.
  • Ensures compliance with all prevailing regulation as defined by the Dubai Economy and Tourism.