Terms and Conditions


(a) The Company – E R A Holiday Homes Rental L.L.C, registered under DED license no.: 810685
(c) The Guest – any entity (e.g. private, corporate, governmental) making a reservation for a Unit from the Company
(b) The Unit – the property mentioned in the reservation confirmation received by the Guest in the portfolio and managed by the Company
(d) The Community – Neighborhood in which the Unit is located


Rates displayed on the Company’s website or its online travel agencies suppliers (e.g. AirBnB) are final, inclusive all fees and taxes.

The final rates displayed include (daily rate, service charges, cleaning fee, tourism dirham and VAT)

  • Daily rate

    Daily Rate is the rate per night charger by the company to the Guest for making a reservation at the Company’s unit

  • Service charges

    A service charge of 15-20% applies to the sum of the daily rates per given reservation and is different per each Unit and shall be reviewed and accepted by Guest upon making reservation

  • Cleaning fee

    One-time cleaning fee is applicable per one reservation

  • Tourism tax

    Tourism Dirham Fee of 10 AED/bedroom/night will be added to the total price for the reservation as per Executive Council Resolution No. (2) of 2014 approving the Tourism Dirham Fee in the Emirate of Dubai

  • VAT

    5% Value Added Tax applicable in the UAE will be added on the total price for the reservation excluding the Tourism Tax

  • Daily house-keeping

    As an additional service the Guest has an option to ask for daily house-keeping for 250-350 AED/night depending on the size of Unit; final price is to be reviewed and accepted by the Guest upon making the reservation. Under house-keeping is understood (making the apartment tidy, changing towels that are left on the floor, changing bed-sheets in case requested by guest (1x per stay max. or upon approval of management))

Cancellation Policy

Guest can cancel their reservation at any time after the reservation has been confirmed by the Company. The payment to the Guest will be refunded if the reservation was canceled at least 30 days before the check-in date. The refunded value will be lowered by charges charged by third parties for the reservation (e.g. credit card companies, banks).

In case a reservation was canceled less than 30 days before the check-in date, no refund will be provided.

The Company may try to accommodate changes is reservation (e.g. change in dates), subject to availability and approval of the Company.

In case of no-show (i.e. the Guest does not arrive to the Unit until 2AM following day after the check-in date) the Company reserves the right to cancel the reservation without the right for refund.


The Company will take a copy of all Guests’ IDs. Only passports and national IDs for GCC citizens are accepted as Guest’s ID. Failure to provide ID of any guest will result in access denial of this Guest or his traveling accompanist to the Unit. IDs will be shared with Community management/security and the Dubai Police via the DTCM portal upon check-in. Only Guests who have provided their IDs are eligible to stay in the apartment over night.


All visitors of the Guest must provide IDs (passport, national ID of GCC citizens) and register yourself with the building security. No visitors are allowed in the Unit between 12AM and 8AM. Maximum number of visitors is defined by number of bedrooms, for first bedroom, 2 visitors may visit for every next bedroom 1 visitor may visit (i.e. 2 bedroom apartment may have maximum of 3 visitors).


The Guest agrees to provide a credit card on which the same name will displayed as on the main Guest’s presented ID and the Guest agrees that the Company will pre-authorize 2,000 AED on this credit card. Failure to provide the pre-authorization will result in cancelation of the Guest’s reservation without the right to any refund.

The Guest agrees that the pre-authorized money can be taken by the Company in order to cover damages done by the Guest to the Unit or to the Community, to cover penalties for breaching these Terms & Conditions, for additional required services or for any direct or indirect expenses the Company incurs due to the Guest or his traveling accompanists. The value that shall be taken by the Company from the pre-authorization of the Guest credit card is at the sole discretion of the Company and cannot be disputed by the Guest.

Damage reconciliation

Unit’s furniture, fixtures and equipment are handed over in proper working condition and are undamaged.

The Company will charge a full amount of the repair / replacement of any item against the pre-authorization in case of damage or loss of any of the furniture, fixtures or equipment in the Unit.

It is the Guest’s responsibility to check if all furniture, fixtures and equipment are handed over in proper working conditions by the Company; failure to report any damages within 30 minutes from opening the Unit’s door will be considered as a damage caused by the Guest, who is renting the apartment at that moment.

In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Company is final.

Noise control

All Units are equipped with electronic noise alarms, measuring the decibels in the Unit. Maximum allowed decibels in the Unit is 170. Disabling the noise alarm will result in 500 AED penalty. Upon breaching 170 decibels the Guest will receive warning and will be requested to keep the noise under 170 decibels. Upon second breach the Guest will be charged penalty of 2,000 AED and will be evicted from the Unit.

  • No parties
  • No noise that could disturb the neighbors of the Unit or higher than 170 decibels
  • No smoking
  • No pets
  • No activities that could damage or make dirty the apartment
  • No commercial activities
  • Quiet hours from 10PM till 8AM
  • No visitors between 12AM and 8AM
  • Garbage to be disposed to designated areas
  • Compliance with UAE laws (e.g. DTCM guide for Holiday Homes Visitors)
  • Compliance with Community rules
  • Compliance with instructions of Community’s and Company’s employees (e.g. security, receptions)

Breach of the aforementioned rules will result in a penalty of 2,000AED charged towards the Guest’s pre-authorization.

In case of 1st complain received due to breach of the rules (from any party), the full penalty of 2,000 AED will be charged + any damages and fines received by the Community management or UAE authorities towards the Guest. In case of 2nd complain received due to breach of the rules the Guest and all his traveling accompanists will be immediately evicted from the Unit.


The payment for Guest’s reservation of the Unit will be made in AED. Any charges or fees to obtain the payment from the Guest for his reservation of the Company’s unit will be borne by the Guest.

Cancellation by the Company

If for any reason the Company cancels Guest’s reservation, it will refund the Guest in full.

The Company shall not be liable for any other compensation to the Guest besides the sum paid to the Company for reserving the Unit.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any reservation at its sole discretion (e.g. due to broken boiler in the unit).

Check in and check out time

Unless otherwise agreed, the standard check in time is at 3:00PM and check out by 11:00AM.

Loss and theft

The Company shall be not held responsible and the Guest holds harmless the Company in the event that personal belongings of the Guest are stolen, lost or forgotten in the Unit.


The Company can provide cleaning services to the Guest upon order and payment of the services as described on the Company’s website.

The Guest agrees that upon requiring any cleaning services inside the Unit the cleaning person designated to commence the service inside the Unit is authorized to enter the Unit without the presence of the Guest, unless indicated otherwise by the Guest to the Company.

The Guest agrees that prior ordering the cleaning services, all Guest’s and his traveling accompanists’ valuables will be securely stored away and the Guest will hold harmless the cleaning team and the Company from any claims regarding thefts, damages or any other liabilities whatsoever.

All ordered cleaning services are non-refundable. Shall the access of the cleaning team be not allowed 2 times within 1 hours after the time the services were ordered for, the service will be considered to be completed.

The Company and the cleaning team will work on best effort basis to ensure the quality of the cleaning is provided with high standard and covenants to rectify any imperfections within reason. In case of any disputes the Guest agrees that the Company has the authority to decide on the matter and the Guest agrees to accept the Company’s decision.

Food & Beverage

The Company uses its daughter company E R A Lounge & Café LLC to prepare and deliver food & beverage items to the Guests either as a delivery to the Units or as a dine in in the Elite Royal Lounge.

The Company and its subsidiary attempts to deliver any food & beverage order as quickly as possible and attempts to deliver it to you within an hour of receiving it, however the Company and its affiliates reserve the right to deliver with a delay due to circumstances outside the control of the Company or its affiliates.

The Guest agrees to provide accurate details for delivery, e.g. phone number and address. In case the Company or its affiliates will not be able to deliver the order due to missing or incorrect details the Guest agrees the order was fulfilled and any request for refund is invalid.

Guest agrees that order cannot be altered or canceled once it has been ordered.

The Guest agrees that by using/ordering any of the services offered by the Company or its affiliates or employees, that in no circumstances the Company or its affiliates or employees shall be responsible for any harm, loss, claim, damage, or special, exemplary, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages of any kind that result from using or are related to any services offered by the Company its affiliates or employees.

Liability disclaimer

The Company can accept no responsibility whatsoever for any injury to the Guest or any loss of or damage to any of his/her belongings while in or near the Unit, and the Guest will be expected to have arranged appropriate insurance cover to include such eventualities. The Guest fully indemnifies the Company from any damages or injuries incurred while in the Unit.

General provisions

The Guest agrees to leave the Unit without any refund if the Guest does not respect these Terms & Conditions or the laws of the United Arab Emirates, incl. DTCM’s provisions.

The Company has the full right to report any illegal activities to the police or any other governing authorities in Dubai as deemed necessary by the law.

The Community Management reserves the right to evacuate the Unit should there be any established breach in adhering to the Community rules.

Guests and Guest’s visitors must log in at the reception desk of the building.

The Guest shall take all precautions in all security measurements.

Community rules violations, e.g. parking violation, hanging things in the balcony as well as undisciplined behavior in public places in the Community (Gym & Pool) may result in penalty of 2,000 AED.

Minors under the age of 18 shall not make a booking or stay in the Company’s properties without an adult.


In the event of any dispute, the Company reserves the right to be the sole arbiter for the dispute and the decision of the Company is final.

Acceptance of these Terms & Conditions

A reservation created by the Guest in any Company’s Unit either directly or via its OTAs channels implies unconditional acceptance of these Terms & Conditions by the Guest.

The Guest agrees to sign these Terms & Conditions before checking into the Unit; non-signing will result into cancelation of the Guest’s reservation without right for a refund.